A Spiritual Response to Social Isolation and Loneliness from North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry



Need to talk?

NCBAM’s Hope Line is

here for you!

“It’s like those footprints in the sand . . . I just have to remember that God is with me and I can always trust in Him. Thank you for being here and praying with me.”

Hope Line Caller

“You just don’t know. I heaved a big sign of relief when I saw your number. I really needed it. I was going crazy.”

Hope Line caller in self-isolation due to high risk, day 11

“Callers are dealing with a wide variety of situations, but they all have one thing in common: they just need someone to talk to.”

Rose, Hope Line Volunteer

  • If you are 65 or older and feel isolated or lonely, North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry wants to help!
  • Trained staff and volunteers are ready to encourage callers with a friendly voice, a compassionate ear, and to pray with callers if desired.
  • The Hope Line is a free resource; it is not a crisis line.


Daily,  9am – 9pm EST

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